MAMI Project
Summer School on Internet Path Transparency Measurements

June 11, 2018 - Aberdeen, Scotland

Network measurement is a common tool for network research, either to directly gather knowledge about network or traffic behavior in the wild or as a way to determine realistic input parameters for the evaluation of new proposed network and protocol mechanisms. However, before the actual measurement study can be started, there are usually a lot of questions to answer first and addition work to do: What is the goal of the measurement? Are the targets representative of the research questions? Which tools should be uses? When and how often should measurements be run? Which information should be captured? Which metadata needs to be kept? And so on.

This summer school provides an introduction to a set of well-known measurement tools including basic tools such as ping and traceroute, as available on all desktop operating systems and as provided by the RIPE Atlas measurement network. We will focus on practical exercises with tracebox, an extension to traceroute which also provides information about manipulation of packets along a path; and PATHspider, which probes for connectivity and negotiation of optional protocol features on a given path. Further, it will examine the Path Transparency Observatory (PTO) as one example for a data collection and analysis system that is designed to provide easy access to comparable data that has been derived from different sources/tools and campaigns.


  • Part 1: Introduction to active measurements of network performance and path transparency
  • Part 2: Path tracing with tracebox
  • Part 3: Measuring endpoint support and path transparency with PATHspider
  • Part 4: Data collection, preservation, and analysis using the Path Transparency Observatory (PTO)

Remote Participation

This summer school is designed as a virtual summer school, making is easy to actively participate from remote. While there is also a possibility for in-person participation, the space in the room in Aberdeen is limited and we therefore encourage people to register for remote participation. We will provide video streaming of the room as well remote participation facilities for full interaction with the people and the lecturer in the room, and all need instruction for participation and preparation will be distrubted via mail in advance. Please note that the summer school will start at 9am BST and run until approximately 5pm BST on June 11, 2018.

Local Participation

For those attending locally, the event will be held in Room 213, Fraser Noble Building on the Kings College campus of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. You can find information on travelling to the University on the University's webite. The event room will be clearly signposted from the entrance to the building. Step-free access is available via a lift at the back of the building.

If you get lost, you can phone +44 (0)1224 273581 and someone will be available to help you. Save this number before you set off.

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Audience Expectations and Prerequisites

Attendees must use their own laptop. A virtual image will be provided that can be installed on any machine that conforms to current standards. More detailed hardware requirements will be provided to the attendees a couple of weeks before the tutorial. We expect general base knowledge about active measurement and Linux. However, no specialized knowledge about specific measurements is expected, and an introduction to the tools used will be provided in the tutorial.


Please register at least two weeks in advance of the summer school until May 28, 2018 by email to

Please provide the following information:

  • Name:
  • E-mail address:
  • Affiliation:
  • Remote participation (yes/no):
  • Dietary requirements (if participating locally):

Once you have registered, you should also join our Slack. You will be able to ask questions here about the summer school and get help for the steps needed to prepare for the event. Note that you may have to wait a while for a reply sometimes, but you will get a reply eventually.


After the event, we will go to BrewDog Castlegate. We will have a reservation from 6pm. You can make your way from the University by taxi, bus, or on foot.

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Contact and Enquiries

For any questions about this event, please contact: